"We do not learn from experience ...... we learn from reflecting on experience." --- John Dewey, 1859-1952, American philosopher and educator.

Soft Skills For a Hard Science

ChemSemBlog, is an innovative way in which chemistry and biochemistry majors communicate online about current scientific research. Blogs are based upon presentations given by leading experts and researchers in the Andrews University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar series.


Each semester an average of nine (9) invited speakers present topics of current interest involving chemistry and biochemistry. A key criteria in the selection of speakers is diversity: academia and industry, assistant to full professors, male and female, basic and applied science, and from traditional to emerging fields. This gives students a rich palette of career options in the chemical sciences and supplements their knowledge base beyond required courses.


Students have been required to (a) write persuasive essays to assist in finding and selecting guest speakers and (b) write descriptive essays to evaluate the substance and style of each speaker's presentation.


ChemSemBlog uses a social networking form for  chemistry students to develop marketable communication skills.